in quality interactions.​Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, including: art, music, language development, fine motor, gross motor, being read to, and sensory experiences.

Teachers are encouraged positive, loving attitudes who engage in quality interactions. 
with group activates, helping your toddler to utilize all that extra energy. Our morning circle, filled with songs help to encourage independence.

Teachers support emerging skills, such as pulling up, walking, feeding oneself, and basic words and sounds.

Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, including art, music, language cards and games, fine motor, gross motor, sensory experiences, and lots of story time! Teachers with positive, loving attitudes who engage 
Toddlers are busy little people.  This is a time for exploring and learning new exciting things.  We give individual attention along

Black Eyed Peas
Children ages (24 - 36) Months
Peas in a Pod Learning Center 
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