Curriculum at Peas in a Pod
Thinking Games

 Games often motivate children to develope cognitive skills within a play situation. We playing games, children learn to identify, classify, and apply skills. Games can also contribute to positive and mental health by strengthing muscles and helping to free children from tension.

Our music experiences are geared to help develop appreciation, along with participation and responsiveness. Some music provides a stimulating background and exposure to the works of great composers..

Art is a creative process that allows for choice, exploration and imaginative expression . Children can explore color, shapes, sizes and and different settings. All whiled using their unique creativity and expression. Their art work will enhance the beauty of our daycare. They will be so proud to view their wonderful works.
Creative Dramatic/Movement

Creative and dramatics are used to aid children in developing spontaneous play. The use of role playing and concrete objects can stimulate creativity. We also incorporate story dramatizations, puppetry, music and dance.
Language Arts.  

Our language arts include helping children with thier receptive and expressive language.
Using fingerplays,  nursery rhymes,  poetry and books to address this need. Manipulation with objects and encouraging speaking helps to enhance the child's language arts.   
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